Update 04/28: Script updated to v2.02 (greatly improved the login step). Cleaned up the list for dead links and added new links.

Update 02/13: Script updated to v2.01. Cleaned up the list for dead links and added new links.
Update 11/21: Major update to v2.00. Improved the registration, login and submit step. Now the script comes with two flavors: a standard version and an advanced version (can submit profile pictures when registering). Added 297 new links.
Update 11/14: Script updated to v1.07. Removed dead links. Added ~100 new links. Removed wall.fm links (~2500 links) because of their new antispam system. More links to come.
Update 11/09: Script updated to v1.06b. Added a new output message were you are announced when your IP is banned on the wall.fm network.
Update 11/08: Script updated to v1.06. Scripts improvements, more error messages were added.
Update 08/01: Added new links. Total links in the packet: 3096
Update 07/25: Updated template to v1.05b. A login bug was found on the Oxwall platform.
Update 07/21: Updated template to v1.05. Can input to 99% custom fields. Added new links to the packet. Total links: 2830 urls.
Update 07/19: Updated template to v1.04. Solved a new antibot measure that was taken a few days ago. Script now works with 4 platform variations (one step and two steps registration process).
Update 07/17: Updated template to v1.03. Improved the registration step: it can input to more custom fields, it handle better some antibot measures, more output messages were added.
Update 07/16: Updated template to v1.02. On some PC configurations, the gender button was not clicked on registration step.
Update 07/16: Added 993 new links to the packet. There is a total of 2532 links.
Update 07/15: Updated template to v1.01. Improved the registration step on some custom modified websites.

Why the wall.fm links were removed?

They have implemented an antispam filter that bans your IP after ~100 connections made to any website hosted on the wall.fm network. By using proxies there will be no problem to register or submit. The problem is that sick mail checker doesn’t use proxies to confirm emails. So, after checking the first ~100 emails, your IP will be banned and you can’t confirm the rest of emails. The only way to overcome this, was to register to first 100 websites then check the emails and so on. But this may be complicated for some users, so I decided to remove the wall.fm link list.

What is Oxwall?

Oxwall is a social networking software platform. This template allows you to register accounts on Oxwall sites and then lets you post as many Blogs as you want.

Oxwall platform support in content links (the “<a href” style tags), so all posted blogs have anchor text.

The template will output the direct link to posted blog. This is very helpful if you want to index your links.
With Oxwall Blog Submitter you will not be limited just to english websites, because the template is multilanguage.

This template works only with Sick4

Demo link:

- 99% links are DOFOLLOW!
- The majority of the links included in this packet are hosted on wall.fm (similar to blogger and wordpress).

There are three simple steps to follow:

1. Register
2. Check mail
3. Submit your blogs.

For $25 you will receive:

- The template, full instructions with step by step pictures, footprints, and 184 links.
- More links to come!
- Future updates and new additions for free.
- Support: You can email me at admin@seobacklinkheaven.com or open a support ticket. Also I can offer limited support via Team Viewer.
- This packet is sold as a TEMPLATE. The included list is given as a bonus, because websites may go down. But, if the success rate will go under 60% success rate, I will update the list with new working links.

Buy Now – Instant Access


Sale Tread: http://sickmarketing.com/forum/showthread.php?8358-Oxwall-Blog-Submitter-Template-and-403-links

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